Coming soon, 15" Lat Wheels



T5 Conversion Kits -No Cutting required - Shifter Exits the OEM hole

Tachometer retrofit program - $175.00 (new electronics installed in your tach)

Electronic Voltage Stabilizer - replaces your stock unit. $55.00

5 Bolt Scatter shields - $650.00

Modified Tremec 3550 tailhousings to fit a Tiger $450.00

Rear Spring Re-enforcement Kits - $150.00

Newly engineered Panhard Rod mount kit - $150.00

Front Drop Spindles Call or Email for availability and pricing

Front Coil Springs 450# & 525# rated - $165.00

Leaf Springs for Series II -V Alpines, and all Tigers - Call or email for pricing.

Powder Coating - Intakes, exhaust, suspension parts - quote

Custom Springs


Rear Leaf Springs

This is an example of the ride height you can expect from the springs for sale above. I bolted them in and when this picture was taken I had about 200 miles on the springs.

To give you a comparison for ride height use the following measurement: 12.5" from the center of the rear axle up to the bottom edge of the fender lip.

Front Coil Springs

The front ride height will measure approx 24.5" floor to top of the fender lip (when using 185/70 R13 tires).

450# and 525# spring rates available.


T5 Conversion Kits





Kits Available Now!!!! $2250.00


Kits include:  
Custom Tailshaft Bearings and Seals
Shifter - early (short) or late model (long with bend) All hardware
Shift rod and shifter assembly New internal speedo gear (you need to supply tire size and ratio)
New rear crossmember and isolator  New drive shaft, yoke and flange
Bell housing adapter (5 bolt or 6 bolt)  

Assembly of the T5 kit to transmission $400.00

T5 Transmissions (M-7003-Z) - $1400.00

Due to limited availability transmissions are only sold assembled with tailhousing installed ($4045.00)

Crate motors available - quote

Custom overdrive gearsets available : $550

Installation of T5 in your Tiger available by appointment - quote


Technical Tips


Installation of late model MK1A / Alpine Series V Fresh air vents into early MK1 cars.
Installation instructions for the forward rear spring attachment re-enforcing plates. Applies to all Models including Alpines.
Installation Instructions for the Panhard Rod Kit
Installation and fitting of urethane front bushings into the A-Arms.
Follow up to urethane bushing installation Part 1. This tip explains how to account for varying lot size in bushings




Tiger Radiators

Retrofit your old radiator with state of the art technology. I have come up with a process that allows your old radiator to function like a late model design. For all intents and puposes the radiator looks stock and bolts right back into your car, however it has a new core and a couple of design features that keep your car from overheating.

This radiator was designed to for my car and has proven better than we ever thought it would be. I can sit in traffic (stop and go) in 100 degree weather and never over heat!


Rebuilt Radiators are for sale at $485.00 plus shipping. (your radiator re-cored)

Rebuilt Radiators complete with no trade/core provided $650.00 when available.

New radiators complete with new tanks, straps, core etc. Available currently on custom quote only.

Questions or Quotes:



Front Crossmembers - Rack and Pinion Service






Crossmembers rebuilds- email

Welding, installations, fabrication etc. by appointment